Ikonika James Street North, Hamilton ON, September 13

Ikonika James Street North, Hamilton ON, September 13
Photo: Calum Slingerland
UK producer and DJ Ikonika kept the Hyperdub showcase rolling into the evening with a solid set of tunes dedicated to the deep grooves typical of the English brand of dubstep music and its derivatives. Her set was dominated by powerful bass and syncopated drums early on, while she remained focused and calculated behind the boards. Mixing menacing, rolling bass rhythms and heavily chopped vocal samples with a myriad of different drum breaks, those in attendance were enraptured by a style and attentiveness not widely heard in North America.

Save for a few flashes of stage lighting every now and again, Ikonika remained hidden in the dark throughout her time on stage, largely removing herself from the performance. Compared to what dominates North American electronic music, it was refreshing to see a set dedicated more to the sound than the show itself.

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