Iron Age The Sleeping Eye

Old school hardcore influenced by old school metal, or old school metal influenced by old school hardcore? When it comes to Iron Age's The Sleeping Eye, the answer is a resounding yes on both accounts. It doesn't seem possible, but the Austin-based band has managed to intensify the aggression and stalking prowess displayed on their 2006 debut Constant Struggle. Where that effort focused more on the straight-up crossover sounds of early Corrosion Of Conformity colliding with New York hardcore, The Sleeping Eye sounds like what happens when serious punks discover both late Discharge and Celtic Frosts' incredible To Mega Therion: brash vocals searing across chugging guitar riffs and tempos that range from thick chugs to mind-melting shots of speed. Copping the occasional Ride The Lightning riff for good measure, The Sleeping Eye is dynamic and graceful without sacrificing any of its confrontational attitude. (Tee Pee)