Iron Age Guitarist Wade Allison Has Died

The band's album 'The Sleeping Eye' celebrated a 10-year anniversary in 2019
Iron Age Guitarist Wade Allison Has Died
Wade Allison — a guitarist known best for his work with Texas crossover thrash outfit Iron Age, Mammoth Grinder and Eternal Champion — has died. The artist's passing was confirmed by contemporaries and friends, while a cause of death was not revealed.

"Condolences to all his friends and family," label 20 Buck Spin wrote of Allison. "Iron Age's impact is huge and will reverberate in hardcore and metal for a long time to come."

Fucked Up's Damian Abraham called Allison "our brother. A musical inspiration and a god of this shit," while Power Trip celebrated the late guitarist's "friendship, brilliant music, and endless inspiration."

"Power Trip definitely wouldn't be the band we are without Iron Age," the former's late frontman Riley Gale told The Guardian in 2017. "Those guys are sort of like our older brothers, and showed me a lot of really good music, not just thrash metal but a lot of cool shit in general … The way Wade Allison writes his riffs is like no other guitar player that I can name, and I think it's insane to have had a band that had a style that was so distinctly their own."

Iron Age formed in Austin, Texas, in 2005, releasing debut album Constant Struggle the following year. The band would follow that one with 2009's The Sleeping Eye, which 20 Buck Spin reissued last year for its tenth anniversary.