Japandroids Field Trip, Toronto ON, June 3

Japandroids Field Trip, Toronto ON, June 3
Photo: Stephen McGill
For most of their set, Japandroids seemed determined to drive away the pouring rain through sheer force of will. Wrapping up a month-long North American tour with their first stint at Field Trip, guitarist Brian King and drummer David Prowse charged headlong through their catalogue, reinvigorating a soaked audience with their loud and lively songs about drunken nights and moments seized. The duo ran the gamut from nomadic adventurousness ("North South East West") to nostalgic reverence ("Younger Us"), expressing it all through shout-along choruses and ecstatic noise.
King brought a livewire energy to his performance, staggering back and forth in front of a stack of amps while nodding his head constantly. Prowse's thunderous drum rolls translated well to the festival environment, even as the wide field in front of the Garrison Stage diffused their chaotic sound. The gloomy weather threatened to put a damper on the last hours of Field Trip 2018, but it proved little match for Japandroids' fearsome volume and unparalleled enthusiasm.

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