Jazz Cartier on Exclaim! TV Sweet 16s

Jazz Cartier on Exclaim! TV Sweet 16s
Jazz Cartier has come a long way from filling secret notebooks with lyrics that could've spawned more than a few albums. After debuting his Marauding in Paradise mixtape back in April, it wasn't too long until he played a sold out show and opened for New York rapper Joey Bada$$ at his Toronto show.

In this episode of Exclaim! TV's Sweet 16s, we teamed up with Reign Media and invited the rising 22-year-old Toronto emcee into our backyard to share what he thinks are his sweetest 16 bars.

Prior to treating us with rhymes from his track "Guardian Angel," Cartier sits down with host King Reign to talk about how digging his mom's music crate as a kid shaped his musical identity. He later shares his current favourite emcees, and explains why Earl Sweatshirt is the most underrated "grand emcee" right now.

Watch him bust out his sweet 16 in the player below, and read our recent interview with the rapper here.

Hosted by King Reign
Filmed by Katherine Kwan and Jordan Rapps
Sound by Nash Bussieres
Edited by Katherine Kwan