Jeremy Greenspan "Drums&Drums&Drums" (with Laurie Spiegel) / "Sirius Shake"

Jeremy Greenspan 'Drums&Drums&Drums' (with Laurie Spiegel) / 'Sirius Shake'
Avant-garde synth innovator Laurie Spiegel's 1980 album The Expanding Universe was recently treated to a reissue, and now Junior Boys member Jeremy Greenspan has made his own dance floor edit of "Drums."

The piece, entitled "Drums&Drums&Drums," is jointly credited to Greenspan and Spiegel. It was made with the original composer's permission and input.

In a lengthy note posted on SoundCloud, Greenspan discussed his enthusiasm for Spiegel's work and explained, "I felt as though I was attempting not simply to re-edit or even remix the piece, but rather to play off of it: to use it as a guide to exploring some different musical possibilities, and to collaborate with the original." Read the full note here.

"Drums&Drums&Drums" is backed by a downtempo track called "Sirius Shake." The single will come out through Dan Snaith's Jiaolong label. Listen to both tracks below. That decidedly lo-res image you see above is being used as the album cover on SoundCloud.