Jessie Reyez Shares Two New Songs

"Sugar at Night" and "No One's in the Room" land as part of 'Before Love Came to Kill Us+'
Jessie Reyez Shares Two New Songs
Having come down from her CN Tower perch, Jessie Reyez is now celebrating a newly released deluxe edition of Before Love Came to Kill Us, which comes with a pair of new songs.

Both "Sugar at Night" and "No One's in the Room" arrive today as part of Before Love Came to Kill Us+, which you can hear in the players below. The latter song comes complete with an accompanying video from Emma Higgins, thematically centred on individuality and authenticity.

"Months ago, I felt like I started questioning who I was, if I'm living the life I'm supposed to and what's keeping me from it," Reyez writes in the video's description, calling "No One's in the Room" a song about "consciousness and life purpose."

Reyez recently captured the 2020 Prism Prize, while Before Love Came to Kill Us earned her a place on the 2020 Polaris Music Prize short list.