KMFDM Hau Ruck

Some bands owe their longevity to a progression of sound and artistic expression. KMFDM understand their target audience however, and continue to pump out a blend of razor-sharp industrial rock and grade school lyrics. Their simplistic, slogan-like vocabulary is part of their charm, however; the unimaginative composition plaguing this album is not. It is tough to pick the songs that stand out here, not because they are all so great but because they all reek of the same old KMFDM. Sure, their talents still shine: Steve White and Jules Hodgson supply powerful guitar, Sascha Konietzo’s vocals are bang-on and Lucia Cifarelli has definitely found a place in the line-up that is far from mere eye-candy (though the "Real Thing” teeters towards pop music, and splendid vocals aside, pop music isn’t industrial rock). As individuals, their efforts are sound. However, since reforming, KMFDM have been struggling with issues of identity and Hau Ruck does nothing to push them forward or set them back. Standing still may initially sell them some records, but remaining stagnant will ultimately hurt their career. The rest of the music world is moving on — perhaps they should too. (Metropolis)