Live albums can be useful tools. They beef up a band’s discography, and can help maintain media exposure. For KMFDM, however, the release of this live album simply makes for a good accessory to their DVD. WWIII Live 2003 highlights 14 tracks from the original tour, all from their October 27, 2003 show in Chicago. The sound quality on the album is great, and these live versions complement their studio counterparts nicely. Unfortunately for many fans, this release will seem redundant. If you own WWIII or the WWIII Tour 2003 DVD then you already have access to most of these tracks. Regardless, the group puts forth a great live experience on the disc and they do include a performance of "Ultra” on the CD (not included on the DVD). A few other older songs also appear here including "Light” and "Juke Joint Jezebel.” This may not be a must have for KMFDM fans, but as far as live albums go this is really as good as it gets. (Sanctuary)