KMFDM put on a great live show, a fact that becomes evident in their first few minutes on stage. Their latest DVD, however, offers a lot more to their fans than simple concert footage. Three music videos are featured, including the stop-motion video for "Ultra," featuring Lego figurines and plasticine monsters. Also, a huge amount of amusing backstage/touring footage (and photos) gives a more candid insight towards the band's off-stage persona. Hell, they even go whale watching. Obviously not a camera shy band, there are individual interviews with all group members and with the crew as well. Even footage from the WWIII recording sessions can be found here. DVD Rom E-Cards, an electronic press kit, song lyrics and excerpts from group members' journals are also featured. The show itself is great too and the set list mixes older songs like "Brute" and "Juke Joint Jezebel" with the WWIII material. The production value is of high quality and in order to break-up any monotony, fan shots and backstage footage have been edited in. Basically, this DVD is a great find for any KMFDM fan. Whether you just want to experience their live show or want to learn more about the aggressive industrial-rockers, WWIII Tour 2003 will not simply fulfill your desire, it will entertain as well. (Sanctuary/EMI)