KMFDM / DJ? Acucrack The Phoenix, Toronto ON - October 17, 2004

Have you ever been to one of those shows that stayed with you forever? The kind of show where the band puts on an insane performance that blows everyone away. KMFDM surely put on those kinds of shows, apparently just not in Toronto. The mood for the evening should have reflected the performance by DJ? Acucrack, who spewed forth a chaotic mix of electronic fury, complete with flashy video effects above the stage. Unfortunately, as the cheers peaked and KMFDM emerged on stage, the icons of industrial rock set out with sluggish beginnings. Energy levels were low and even Lucia Cifarelli seemed minimally seductive. As the set hit "From Here On Out," the group seemed to find their groove and their intensity did rise with each passing number. By the first encore, the group was firing out "WWIII" with furious venom and finally delivered a taste of what could have been. Really, it was too little too late. Sascha Konietzko summed up the problem perfectly by reminding the crowd it had been seven years since KMFDM graced a Toronto stage. Seven years! It's reasonable to say more stage presence was expected. Instead, they were just going through the motions of yet another show. Hell, even the lighting seemed basic by KMFDM standards. As they left the stage, promises to return within the next year were given with a shout out to the crowd of "365 or less!," or maybe they were just predicting the attendance for future Toronto shows. When they do return, let's hope they come back to deliver a performance that will not only be more fitting of their legendary status but will also give their fans what they deserve: a storm-trooping, no holds barred KMFDM experience.