Little Wings Returns with New Double-LP: 'LAST'

Little Wings Returns with New Double-LP: 'LAST'
Little Wings got a healthy boost in publicity back in 2010 when Feist named her documentary, Look at What the Light Did Now, after one of his tunes. This means that plenty more folks may be paying attention when songwriter Kyle Field releases his latest album, LAST, on February 5 via Rad.

A press release indicates that Field underwent personal and emotional struggles while creating this double-LP. Recording began at the Hangar Studios in Sacramento, CA, with Field joined by Julie Ann Bee of Sea of Bees and producer John Baccigaluppi. Close to the end of the session, however, Field "fell into a deep depression and despite his love of the resulting songs, he couldn't bear to listen to them anymore."

He eventually took the recordings home to San Francisco and, after some failed attempts, finally completed LAST. These fractured recording sessions reportedly resulted in an album with "split personalities," with songs that balance lightness and dark. Hear the wistfully folksy "Sandy Babe" at the bottom of this page, as well as check out a video for the melancholic "Doom Room."

The PR hints that LAST might, as the title implies, be the final Little Wings album. Since finishing the record, Field has moved to Southern California and apparently may pursue acting.

We'll leave you with a quote from Feist about the album:

Little Wings is Kyle [Field] and over the last bunch of years I've grown to truly admire the way he walks in the world. He writes songs that I can't even begin to unravel and so after all sorts of attempts, now I just let myself get tangled in them properly. He's got a circuitous way with words that draws full circles while drawing you down pencily whirlpools, he connects and disassembles sentences with abandon but is right next to you, staring you down with one eye painted into a black eye with watercolours. I've worn out his albums and wondered where it all comes from, and this double album will be double trouble. I think Kyle is the bomb. Most other people I think are the bomb also have discovered him and champion him as their own secret favourite, but for his sake I hope we all will soon need to share him more.