Former TEEN Member Lizzie Loveless Announces Debut Album

Listen to "Loveless," lead single from 'You Don't Know,' now
Former TEEN Member Lizzie Loveless Announces Debut Album
Halifax-born, New York-based musician Lizzie Lieberson was known for being a member of psych rockers TEEN alongside her sisters until the band's breakup in 2019. After a few years of keeping a low profile, Lieberson is back as Lizzie Loveless with a new sound, label, album and single in tow. Lizzie Loveless' debut album, You Don't Know, is due September 17 via EggHunt Records, and lead single "Loveless" is out now.

In stark contrast to the My Bloody Valentine record that shares its name, Loveless' eponymous track places a motorik beat underneath a shifting bed of synthpop that slowly builds throughout the track. A seamlessly edited gulp of water leads into the song's grander second half, blending synth hooks and rock swagger in a manner that recalls influences such as Sharon Van Etten and Fiona Apple.

Said Lieberson in a statement about her new single, "'Loveless' is a song inspired by a fever dream. It's about spiralling out of control in your love for someone. Traveling, trying to run away from yourself and not being able to sit with your feelings. Drowning in a moment and desperately hoping that what's happening is not actually happening. Wanting things to change, pleading for things to change, knowing they won't change and realizing you're in way too deep."

Listen to "Loveless" and find more information about You Don't Know below.

You Don't Know:

1. You Don't Know
2. The Joke
3. Memory
4. Eyes of a Man
5. Loveless
6. Hold Me Close
7. Window
8. New York, Yesterday
9. Underneath
10. Again