The Lonely Island "Go Kindergarten" (ft. Robyn) (starring Sean Combs, Paul Rudd) (video)

The Lonely Island 'Go Kindergarten' (ft. Robyn) (starring Sean Combs, Paul Rudd) (video)
The initial video for the Lonely Island's Robyn-featuring comedy anthem "Go Kindergarten" showed a dance crew wearing paper bags over their heads, but now the goofball rap group have unveiled a decidedly more high-budget clip.

It stars Paul Rudd and Sean "Diddy" Combs as themselves, as they visit a club and witness a performance by Robyn and the Lonely Island guys. The song's lyrics ask the crowd the do everything from cut off their fingers to deliver a baby on the dance floor, and Combs and the rest of the crowd happily oblige while Rudd plays the bewildered straight man.

The Wack Album is out today (June 11) through Republic.