Louis the Child & Icona Pop "Weekend" (video)

Louis the Child & Icona Pop 'Weekend' (video)
It being Canada Day, plenty of us out there are currently enjoying all the spoils of a three-day weekend. If you're looking for an appropriately themed, though not exactly nationally minded soundtrack, you may want to hop on Swedish pop duo Icona Pop's latest track, "Weekend."

The new tune is a team-up with Louis the Child, and together they deliver a fun and breezy arrangement of flirty keyboard acrobatics and lyrics about celebrating the hell out of life. Icona Pop sing of nights full of popped bottles, which syncs up well to visuals of a group of young adults cutting through the city in their car, surviving on a diet of potent, liquid late-night snacks. The giv no fuks attitude is strong with this one.

"We work hard and play hard, we are constantly jet lagged and we do things at weird times," Icona Pop said in a statement. "This song is about our beautiful chaos that we think a lot of people can relate to."

You can catch the chaos down below.