Lupe Fiasco "Madonna (And Other Mothers in the Hood)" (ft. Nikki Jean) (video)

Lupe Fiasco 'Madonna (And Other Mothers in the Hood)' (ft. Nikki Jean) (video)
Lupe Fiasco is taking a look at family dynamics in the rather disheartening new video supporting Tetsuo & Youth's "Madonna (And Other Mothers in the Hood)."

While the rapper and guest artist Nikki Jean occasionally steal the spotlight as they spit and sing beneath the neon glow of a cross, the bulk of the narrative bounces between a mother and her son. Up front, we find the youth making a pit stop at a Travel Inn to drop off a school bag before quickly heading off to a local bakery to put in a shift mopping floors.

On the opposite spectrum, we see his mother being chased down by security guards, selling presumably stolen goods, and buying heroin. The pair reconnect later, with the child hoisting up their parent to get them back home.

It's a difficult situation, fitting in with Fiasco's lines about family struggles. You can soak in the heavy visuals down below.