Madonna Is Writing a Screenplay with Diablo Cody

Madonna Is Writing a Screenplay with Diablo Cody
There are likely countless people who have spent their quarantine time working on new screenplays, but if you're Madonna you can get some help from a famous friend. Specifically, she's teamed up with Diablo Cody to work on something.

Cody — who is best known for penning Juno and also wrote films like Young AdultTully, the television show One Mississippi and many other projects — is seen collaborating with Madonna in a new video revealing the project. Cody also wrote the Alanis Morissette Broadway musical Jagged Little Pill.

"When you're stuck in a house with multiple injuries what do you do.?" Madonna wrote. "………..Write a Screenplay with Diablo Cody about………….."

Thankfully, she's not in charge of the computer.

It's unclear what the pair are working on, but a Madonna biopic has been in the works for years. See the post below.