Majical Cloudz "Are You Alone?"

Majical Cloudz 'Are You Alone?'
"What's the point of a sad, sad song?" Devon Welsh croons this question on the title track to his pop duo Majical Cloudz's sophomore LP Are You Alone? Rhetorical or not, you can try to figure out the answer for yourself by giving the song a stream.

The track shuffles along gently with a light keyboard melody and a reverb-flecked digi-snap beat, while a malaise-stricken Welsh delivers a laundry list of coping mechanisms: red wine, sleeping, pills, cheap sex, sad films. "I'm just tired of all the things that I've already tried," he tunefully reveals.

Though solemn, there's hope to the tune, with the single ultimately trying to find balance in this modern world. 

You can hear the rest of the track below, while Magical Cloudz's Are You Alone? enters our lives October 16 via Matador/Arts & Crafts.