Majical Cloudz "Your Eyes"

Majical Cloudz 'Your Eyes'
Since it's been close to a year and a half since Majical Cloudz delivered their debut LP, Impersonator, the duo have decided to cough up an unreleased rarity for your ears called, interestingly, "Your Eyes."

A press release explains that Devon Welsh and Matthew Otto have had the track floating for a few years now, with the cloudy cut having figured big in their early live shows. Now, they've decided to update the song with a new recording.

"It's kind of a relic of the earliest period of our life as a band, so if you are finding out about us for the first time in the wake of our tour with Lorde, this will take you back to the beginning of our music-making days together," Welsh said in a statement, alluding to a new fanbase they may have picked up overseas while touring with the New Zealand pop singer. "We made this new version just before we left on tour, so in one sense it is old and in another sense it is new."

Down below, you'll find a stream of the song, which wraps together a laid-back breeze of electronic drums and keyboards, a chopped and manipulated opera singer's vulnerable vibrato, and lyrics detailing, among other things, the "summer in your skin, water in your eyes."

Majical Cloudz likewise added that new music is on the way for 2015, though details have not been given beyond that.