Majical Cloudz Plot 'Are You Alone?' Album

Majical Cloudz Plot 'Are You Alone?' Album
Minimal avant-pop dramatists Majical Cloudz have been on the rise since 2013's Impersonator, even spending some time on the road opening for Lorde. Now, the Montreal act are preparing to follow up their breakthrough album with another full-length.

The new album is called Are You Alone?, and it's due out later this year. Pitchfork reports that project leader Devon Welsh wrote it while staying with a friend in Detroit during the winter. It features contributions from Owen Pallett on drums, viola and piano.

Are You Alone? follows a scrapped LP that Majical Cloudz spent 2014 working on. While those original sessions featured a more hi-fi approach, the band ultimately ended up returning to a minimal style. "After all the crazy shit we could get our hands on, we came back to the cheapo organ we've been using since day one," Welsh's collaborator Matthew Otto said.

Pallett echoed Otto's desire to retain the instrumental simplicity Majical Cloudz are known for. He said, "I think Majical Cloudz are onto something strong and powerful and good and economical. I didn't want to add anything superfluous."

The record will include "Call on Me," a holdover from the scrapped sessions that the outfit played wile opening for Lorde (check out fan-filmed footage of that song below). Beyond that, however, most of the details about Are You Alone? haven't been confirmed, so stay tuned for further updates.