Mallard Verte

Mallard Verte
Verte is the debut EP of Mallard, a South London-based producer whose production style emphasizes the artist's multi-instrumentalism and affinity for polyrhythms. Hand-picked by the Bradley Zero (the label head of Rhythm Section International), the artist has appeared on several Rhythm Section events since 2016.
With his debut, Mallard expresses the breadth of his musical knowledge; spanning genres like drum'n'bass, electro and dub-tinged house, the record's complexity reflect intimate familiarity with the wide world of electronic music. "Marco's Mango" is a particular standout, the fusion of genres feeling masterful and well-researched.
Yet, Verte does more to demonstrate the conventions of contemporary dance music than it does to challenge them. Despite Mallard's tight grip on a variety of rhythmic conventions, the textural percussion begins to feel redundant when consistently doused in the ambient choral synths that appear across the entire record.
This is an artist whose potential runs deep — even if this EP doesn't always show it well. (Rhythm Section International)