Marie Davidson MUTEK, Montreal QC, August 26

Marie Davidson MUTEK, Montreal QC, August 26
Photo: Ashutosh Gupta for MUTEK
As MUTEK continued, Marie Davidson performed at the Society for Arts and Technology as part of the INTER_CONNECT Berlin programming last night (August 26). The Berlin-based Montreal native (and one half of Essaie Pas) drew on a complex fusion of jazz time signatures, hip-hop bravado and robust rudiments of dance music for a stand-out set.
Davidson's kaleidoscopic synths were aimed directly at the dance floor, while samples of her voice loftily traced a path through the dark, electro-tinged techno that was being programmed live. An incredibly agile performer, Davidson mesmerized the crowd with her animated gestures and earnest engagement with her instruments. She brought a lot of her endearingly quirky personality to the stage.
Davidson's programming was quick and precise, and equipped with a drum machine and a slew of synthesizers, her boisterous set was impeccably fluid, eventually closing with single "Adieux au dance floor."
Her performance managed to capture both the brooding realm of underground techno and mainstream pop appeal. Catchy, captivating, and incredibly cohesive, Davidson certified herself as the star of the evening.