​Megan Thee Stallion's Debut Album 'Suga' Is out Now

You can stream the full record and watch her new "B.I.T.C.H." video
​Megan Thee Stallion's Debut Album 'Suga' Is out Now
Megan Thee Stallion has been embroiled in a battle with her record label recently, and it seems the disagreement has sped up the release of the rapper's next project, Suga.
Considered her first official album, Suga is now slated to land this Friday (March 6). Megan has revealed the artwork and tracklisting via social media. See both below.

UPDATE (3/6, 8 a.m. EST): You can now stream all of Suga down below, where you will also find the newly shared video for "B.I.T.C.H." 

The album includes collaborations with Kehlani and Gunna, as well as the previously shared single "B.I.T.C.H."
Megan recently accused her record label of "bullying and strong-armed tactics," claiming that 1501 Certified Entertainment is blocking her from releasing new music after she asked to renegotiate the contract she signed when she was 20.
She claimed her existing contract gives 60 percent of her recording income to 1501, and she has to pay engineers, mixers and featured artists out of her remaining 40 percent.
Megan also said the label receives 100 percetn of earning from her live shows and tours, and rather than giving her a "proper accounting" of what she's owed, the label's reports are "purposefully and deceptively vague."
The label refuted her claims, and on Monday (March 2), the rapper sued the label.
Megan was then granted a restraining order against her label, preventing them from abusing her on social media and allowing her to release new music outside of her record contract with 1501.
So, if all goes according to plan, Suga will be arriving on March 6 — with or without support from Megan Thee Stallion's label.




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