The Men "Turn Your Color"

The Men 'Turn Your Color'
As previously reported, the Men are about to get all outdoorsy on us this fall via the release of the acoustically minded Campfire Songs and are giving us a heady whiff of tinder ahead of the street date via a stream of new tune "Turn Your Color."

Though the six-minute track settles into the kind of hypnotic six-string strum some dude would no doubt deliver while you're basking in the glow of a campfire, waxing poetic about the weight of the world, we're skeptical that the Men would actually bring a string section or drum cymbals to the party. Nevertheless, the tripped-out track is a synesthetic experience not unlike tasting marshmallow, the colour purple and just a hint of hashish in a freshly toasted smore.

Give it a taste down below.

Campfire Songs will be issued by October 15 by Sacred Bones.