Milk & Bone "Blue Christmas" (video)

Milk & Bone 'Blue Christmas' (video)
Considering the crunchy, leaf-filled fields Milk & Bone are traversing in their new video, it's not looking as if they'll be having a white Christmas this year. That said, their choice of melancholy holiday favourite to cover ensures that they'll have, at the very least, a "Blue Christmas."

As you'll see down below, Laurence Lafond-Beaulne and Camille Poliquin give up a pretty straight-forward, uke-driven run-through of the lovelorn Christmas cut while strolling through the wilderness.

All told, there have been plenty of covers of "Blue Christmas" added to the cannon over the years. While this may not be as memorable as, say, a half-naked pig's stuttering masterpiece, Milk & Bone's performance is still quite charming.

You can see the clip down below.