Misfits Prep Gold Edition of Coffin Box Set

Misfits Prep Gold Edition of Coffin Box Set
People may argue the relevance of horror punk icons the Misfits in this day and age - well, since the departure of original singer Glenn Danzig or his replacement Michale Graves for that matter - but what can't be disputed is their continuing impact on the state of music, punk or otherwise.

Case in point: their legendary coffin-shaped box set has officially been certified by the RIAA as achieving gold status. That's a half-million copies of the package containing most of their recorded work on four CDs, a full-colour booklet of lyrics and way-cool Fiend Club badge. When you put it that way, it's no wonder it has outsold their other stuff. It's like one-stop shopping.

Anyway, the release actually went gold back in April 2008, but it's taken a while for sole original member Jerry Only to come up with a means of celebrating the momentous occasion. The set was released in February 1996 and is their only material to attain such an honour.

So what Only came up with was to design a unique coffin-shaped certification plaque for the box set that stands two and a half feet tall. Unfortunately, this gold version of the box will only be offered to official Fiend Club members, but hey, maybe you'll be able to grab one on eBay eventually or if they sell well enough, Only will extend the offer to everyone else.

Anyone with a membership to the Misfits fan club will want to stroll over to their official site ASAP. There are currently three prototypes and a voting system to find out which version will be selected. Naturally, each plaque will be personally engraved with your name.

Is that punk or what?