Record Stores Are Finally Starting to Ban Morrissey Albums

The world's oldest record store has had enough and just banned the onetime Smiths singer
Record Stores Are Finally Starting to Ban Morrissey Albums
In case you didn't realize, Morrissey has transformed into one seriously controversial figure. In fact, it's now got so bad that record stores are stepping up to ban the onetime Smiths hero.

Spillers Records — a store in Cardiff that brands itself as the world's oldest record store — has just put a ban on Morrissey, saying the U.K. shop will no longer stock Moz's albums, including his fast-approaching new LP California Son.

"I'm saddened but ultimately not surprised that Spillers is unable to stock Morrissey's releases any longer," Ashli Todd, the owner of Spillers, told Wales Online [via Stereogum]. "I only wished I'd done it sooner."

The decision comes in response to Morrissey appearing on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon last week wearing a For Britain pin to support the far-right U.K. political party. In response, Anne Marie Waters — the leader of the party dubbed "Nazis and racists" by even right-wingers like Nigel Farage and Henry Bolton — thanked Morrissey for "giving us so much publicity."

Of course, Morrissey's controversial antics stretch much further back than that, from gripes about the "loony left," to sexual harassment, to David Bowie, to African-American presidents being "white inside."

So far, though, we're unaware of any other record stores stepping up to ban Morrissey. However, maybe that's about to finally change.

The singer's latest album, California Son, is due out Friday (May 24) via Morrissey's BMG imprint Etienne. For the record, Exclaim! gave the album a 1 out of 10.