Mother Mother Share New Singles "I Got Love" and "Stay Behind"

It's the Vancouver band's first new material since becoming TikTok stars last year
Mother Mother Share New Singles 'I Got Love' and 'Stay Behind'
Vancouver alt-pop outfit Mother Mother have been in the biz for years, but last year there was a renewed interest in their music thanks to TikTok. On the rising social media platform, the band gained millions of streams. Now, they're releasing their first new music since popping off on the service.

Today, Mother Mother return with new songs "I Got Love" and "Stay Behind," both of which were produced by frontman Ryan Guldemond and veteran producer Howard Redekopp.

"Finding these new fans, or them finding us rather, feels like a very generous and surreal gift from the universe," Guldemond said in a press release. "It's always been about the joy of music, and sharing in this joy with others, so we are thrilled to be releasing new music, especially 'I Got Love,' to new and old fans alike. This song is about the frequency of love, and less in the romantic sense, but more in terms of unification and interconnection, working as a guiding light in dark times. If people simply enjoy this song, we are so happy and grateful, and if they find any healing in it, slight or profound, we're utterly ecstatic and deeply humbled."

Listen to both new songs below. The tracks arrive via Warner Music Canada, who have just signed the band.