Mutoid Man "Scrape the Walls"

Mutoid Man 'Scrape the Walls'
Mutoid Man, the new project from Cave In leader Stephen Brodsky and Converge drummer Ben Koller, haven't yet delivered a due date for a debut release, but the band have brought forth a burly preview of what's to come with a stream of their "Scrape the Walls."

Koller gets all kinds of crazy on that drum kit, furiously unfurling drum fills and atom bomb double-kick work, while Brodsky serves up chunky riffs, gruff screams, and a glass-shattering metal falsetto no doubt yielded by strapping on a much-too-tight leather codpiece.

"[This is] the first Mutoid Man song we wrote!" Brodsky said in a statement. "It's about people who lose their minds worrying over money. To come up with all this stuff, Ben and I riffed-out at a rehearsal space in Brooklyn for about a year."