National Arts Centre and Facebook to Fund Artists' Online Performances

The $100,000 grant will help support Canadian performers impacted by COVID-19
National Arts Centre and Facebook to Fund Artists' Online Performances
As a wave of tour cancellations continue to impact the financial stability of artists across the world, Facebook Canada and the National Arts Centre have teamed up to support Canadian artists in their online performances.

The two companies will provide $100,000 in artist fees between now and the end of the month to help support artists who have been impacted by the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. Artists can apply to the new program online by providing a description of their act, their performing name and by committing to a 45- to 60-minute online performance to be shared on the NAC's Facebook page.

Christopher Deacon, president and CEO of the NAC, offered the following statement about the initiative:

As Canadians make profound and rapid shifts in how we live our lives, we recognize the challenges that come with distancing and isolation. Music, dance and theatre have an enduring power to comfort, to inspire, to lift our spirits. Equally, performers thrive on their relationship with audiences. In this challenging time, artist and audience, indeed all of us, need each other more than ever. The National Arts Centre, in partnership with Facebook, hopes this initiative helps.

Today at 2 p.m. EDT, Jim Cuddy will kick off the series alongside Devin Cuddy, Sam Polley and Colin Cripps. The NAC has also announced future performances from Serena Ryder, William Prince, Irish Mythen, Erin Costelo, and Whitehorse. More artists will join the program as they apply.

Artists and bands (comprised of less than 10 people) can apply for the grant here.

See the NAC's Facebook announcement below.