The Network Money Money 2020

While the announcement has never been officially made, it is generally accepted that the Network, a group of anonymous, Devo-loving masked music makers, are in fact none other than Berkley, California’s Green Day. Originally released on Billy Joe’s own label, Adeline, Money Money 2020 has been picked up by Reprise, and even though the group is somewhat of a novelty one-off, the record is strong enough to warrant the wider release. Most of the songs here sound an awful lot like Devo fronted by Billy Joe Armstong, though stand outs such as the title track demonstrate a more unique songwriting approach. A cover of the Misfits’ "Teenagers From Mars” is interesting, but fails to live up to the strength of the original. Overall, the record is hit or miss, but the hits are so insanely catchy and fun that everything else is almost forgivable. (Reprise)