Nick Storring Announces New Album 'My Magic Dreams Have Lost Their Spell'

Listen to his single "Now Neither One of Us Is Breaking"
Nick Storring Announces New Album 'My Magic Dreams Have Lost Their Spell'
Toronto-based avant-garde composer Nick Storring has announced plans for a new record by the name My Magic Dreams Have Lost Their Spell. His first-ever vinyl release arrives March 27 via Orange Milk Records.

The album — recorded over the last six years using a wide assortment of instruments and mastered by Sandro Perri — is a tribute to American singer Roberta Flack. The title of his first single, "Now Neither One of Us Is Breaking," as well as the other tracks on the record, borrow lyrics from her repertoire.

Storring explained further in a statement:

The idea of paying tribute to Roberta Flack is an outgrowth of a larger theme within my music and the way I listen. I've grown fond of tracing connections between bodies of musical work that at first glance appear to have very little do with one another. 

Roberta Flack, in addition to managing profound emotion and consummate musicality as a vocalist, has a brilliant curatorial mind. She brings together songs into smart and beautiful arcs and assembles artists to adorn these songs with powerful production choices and arrangements. Much of her music feels as though it's designed for solitary consumption, whether it's the deep melancholy of her first three albums, the breezy psychedelia of the 
Feel Like Making Love album (which she produced as Rubina Flake), or the lonely urban expanses she conjured in the later duets with Donny Hathaway. Not only does her vocal timbre sound like a private conversation with you, the music feels introverted in scope and texture.

This air of intimacy and contemplation is something I wanted to convey with this album while crafting something lyrical, lush, and wistful. The kind of record best enjoyed driving alone at 3AM. Even when this record strays a bit from this course it maintains an inward orientation and connects my love of Flack's catalogue with all of the supposedly more experimental music that charts a similar internal world.

Storring's My Magic Dreams Have Lost Their Spell is his sixth solo full-length record and follows 2019's Qualms.

Pre-order My Magic Dreams Have Lost Their Spell here. Album art by Seth Graham can be seen above. 

Listen to "Now Neither One of Us Is Breaking" down below, where you can also find the record's tracklisting.

My Magic Dreams Have Lost Their Spell:

1. Tides That Defeat Identity. Pretending You and I
3. Tonight There'll Be No Distance Between Us
4. What A Made-Up Mind Can Do
5. Now Neither One Of Us Is Breaking
6. My Magic Dreams Have Lost Their Spell