Nirvana's Surviving Members Are Still Making "Really Cool" New Music Together, Dave Grohl Says

And it's all being recorded in the studio
Nirvana's Surviving Members Are Still Making 'Really Cool' New Music Together, Dave Grohl Says
Foo Fighters hero Dave Grohl revealed earlier this year that he and the other surviving members of Nirvana regularly still have jam sessions. Now he's opened up a bit more about those sessions, explaining they're not just doing old Nirvana stuff but making "really cool" new music — and it's all being recorded.

In a new interview with The Howard Stern Show, Grohl revealed how he, Krist Novoselic and Nirvana touring guitarist Pat Smear are indeed all still jamming, and they've apparently been coming up with some sweet new tunes.

"Krist Novoselic is a pilot, he flies his own plane… he lives up in the Pacific Northwest and whenever he comes down to Los Angeles, you know, we always love to see each other and we'll have dinner," Grohl said.

"Last time he was here I made dinner for us and we hung out. Pat's always around and the three of us, you know, we like to just, we like to be together. We like to see each other and if there are instruments around or a studio that's available, we'll just get together and kind of jam, you know?"

But then Grohl started to give us some real details of what those jam sessions are like.

"We don't like run through a big old Nirvana setlist but we do like to fool around and sometimes as we're fooling around, songs happen," he explained. "And you know if we're in a studio, we'll record them. So we've recorded some stuff that's really cool. But we've never done anything with it… it's more just like friends, jamming around, it doesn't really seem like any sort of like big official reunion."

So yeah, by the sounds of things, we won't be getting any of those recordings anytime soon. But the fact they are all being captured on tape is a reason to be optimistic that they could see release one day. After all, reissues absolutely love to add that sort of content on.

In the meantime, Grohl is doing a million and one new projects, including the TV show with his mom called From Cradle to Stage.