Octo Octa Where Are We Going?

Octo Octa Where Are We Going?
Brooklyn-based producer Maya Bouldry-Morrison — otherwise known as Octo Octa — has released her second LP on San Francisco label Honey Soundsystem.
On this record, dreamy deep house is the vehicle for a venture through themes of personal fulfillment and identity. While Bouldry-Morrison's song structures undulate through measured sustain and release, track titles like "No More Pain (Promises to a Younger Self)" and "Move On (Let Go) (De-stress Mix)" reveal each track's autobiographical underpinning as much as their dance floor-readiness.
Techno, house and flourishes of jersey club are liberally peppered throughout, though the record holds more intimate meaning than a nod to danceable genres. "Do you feel better?" is the line the artist repeats like a mantra on the final track of the album, leaving intimate and direct addresses that make the record feel like a personal diary entry.
Bouldry-Morrison's willingness to model for the cover art of this LP proves that this record is a side to Octo Octa we've never seen or heard before. She's ready to let her fans experience an intimacy as deep as the synths and lead lines for which she's gained notoriety. (Honey Soundsystem)