Oneohtrix Point Never Is Teasing "Magic" New Material

A follow-up to 2018's 'Age Of' could be closer than we think
Oneohtrix Point Never Is Teasing 'Magic' New Material
Daniel Lopatin can count the Weeknd, the Safdie Brothers and Matmos among his recent collaborators, and it appears he will now turn his attention back to Oneohtrix Point Never if a new teaser is anything to go by.

Today, Lopatin shared a short animated clip complete with new music, which ultimately points to something "Magic" on the way from OPN through Warp Records. Lopatin's most recent record under the name remains 2018's Age Of. As seen below, running the snippet through Shazam points to the title of the song being "Tales from the Trash Stratum." While the app offers little else in the way of concrete details, that name is also the title of a playlist found on Lopatin's YouTube channel sunsetcorp.

Of course, "Magic Oneohtrix Point Never" is also one of the earliest credited versions of Lopatin's recording alias, used for an early cassette release of his 2007 debut Betrayed in the Octagon.

Exclaim! named Age Of one of the Top 10 Dance and Electronic Albums of 2018.