Pig Destroyer Add Bassist John Jarvis to Line-Up

Pig Destroyer Add Bassist John Jarvis to Line-Up
Over the years, Pig Destroyer have gutted listeners with manic drum blasts, shards of guitar noise, electronics and feral screams, but oddly have opted to stay away from the low-end sounds of a bass. That's all about to change, as it's been announced that 16 years into their career, the grindcore vets have added four-stringer John Jarvis to their ranks.

Guitarist Scott Hull confirmed the move with Terrorizer. Jarvis, who happens to be the cousin of drummer Adam Jarvis as well as his bandmate in Fulgora, will make his live debut with Pig Destroyer this weekend at the Housecore Horror Film Fest in Austin, TX.

According to Hull, Pig Destroyer remained bass-less for so many years because "we just didn't want the added complication of someone having to learn lines that I'd already written." Hull also noted that adding another member to the band would also complicate travel costs, but admitted that at this point in the band's career, he's looking to add some extra depth to their tunes.

"I've been wanting to broaden the scope of our music for quite some time," Hull explained. "It would be very difficult, for instance, to really do some Jesus Lizard-y type of material without a bass player, but we want to bring that sound into our material somewhat as well as some other styles that would really require a bassist, so that really made us think about it seriously. Luckily, the bass player we chose is a really good fit technically and personality-wise. He gets where we are at and knows we are picky about what we do and when, so he won't get impatient that we aren't touring 200 days out of the year."

The guitarist also confirmed that John Jarvis has been relearning tracks from Pig Destroyer's back catalogue, which has apparently altered older tracks like "Terrifyer" and "Starbelly." "It's very cool," Hull added. "I feel like we kinda reinvigorated ourselves when Adam came into the band, and we're kinda doing it again with John. Change is good."

Pig Destroyer's last LP was 2012's Book Burner, but the band released their "The Octogonal Stairway" single as part of the Adult Swim Singles Series this past summer. You can stream the track down below.