Pinball Sessions Relaunch Website, Partner with Exclaim! TV for New Video Series

Pinball Sessions Relaunch Website, Partner with Exclaim! TV for New Video Series
Pinball Sessions has spent the past year and a half rolling out an incredibly steady stream of in-studio sessions from a massive range of artists, and now the Ontario-based platform is preparing to kick into overdrive with a new interactive website and a video series with Exclaim! TV.

The new site launches today (September 15), and among its new features is the ability for users to create a personal profile and customized playlists while also discovering playlists curated by bands, promoters, festivals and the like.

Here's how Pinball themselves explain the change:

Drawing from the sessions on the site, users are able to customize playlists for all occasions. There is no limit to the number of playlists you can create. Perhaps the feature the organizers are most excited about is the capability to share these through all your favourite social media platforms. The new website includes a static player, easily navigable session lists and a beautifully simple layout. Pinball Sessions continues to produce original content and partner with festivals and events in so doing.

The first session on the new site will be from Mount Eerie, and all 134 of the sessions from the former layout will be moved over.

As for the video partnership with Exclaim! TV, this collaborative series will begin with Peterborough, ON's the Lonely Parade. The video will premiere tomorrow (September 16); until then, Lonely Parade's audio session can be heard here.

Of course, Pinball Sessions will continue to roll out two sessions a week. This means that the platform will keep doing what it's always done, but now with more videos and a more user-friendly interface.

UPDATE: You can watch Mount Eerie perform the new track "Dragon" from his upcoming Sauna album for Pinball Sessions below.