Primus "Candy Man" (video)

Primus 'Candy Man' (video)
Candy has seldom quite so unappetizing as it does in the new video for "Candyman," a cut from Primus' Willie Wonka-celebrating album Primus & the Chocolate Factory with the Fungi Ensemble.

The claymation clip begins with a dude picking up a peppermint off the ground a popping it his mouth. We then follow the candy on a psychedelic journey through the digestive system, as all sorts of a grotesque clay figures make this a creepy and colourful fever dream. Singer-bassist Les Claypool is shown playing this weirdo art-rock song in the stomach, while spilled bags of a sugar become ghoulish backup singers.

The clip was directed by Ivan Landau, Edgar Alvarez and Webster Colcord. Watch it below.