Les Claypool Develops the World's First "Soothing Soda"

Les Claypool Develops the World's First 'Soothing Soda'
Twenty-three years after first spraying Primus's Pork Soda all over our eardrums, fluttery-fingered funksmith Les Claypool has announced he's legitimately entering the soft drink market with his very own beverage. He's branded his elixir SeaPop.

As the company explains, Claypool developed his pop with "ocean-going fellows and herbalists," who all got together to make the world's first "Soothing Soda." Claypool was inspired to develop the drink after rupturing an eardrum while scuba diving, later seeking an all-natural way to cure motion sickness. Unlike heart-palpitating energy drinks, the goal of SeaPop is to to "help mellow things out."

"With the guidance of an herbalist friend and utilizing the picky palate of my soda-slurping teenage son, we blended ginger with other traditional, stomach-soothing herbs, as well as a pinch of cane sugar," Claypool explained in a statement. "We then added some bubbles for sparkle and (after more test batches than I care to admit)…Voilá! SeaPop was born."

The Primus bass-popper likened his bevvy to "a ginger-snap dipped in vanilla ice cream," adding that "SeaPop's unique flavour profile and subtle sweetness is a taste to behold." Current musical partner Sean Ono Lennon, with whom Claypool just delivered the Monolith of Phobos LP, has also co-signed the bubbly business venture.

Lennon theorizes:

Living on a tour bus is not unlike living at sea: musicians are shipmates, America is our ocean, and when the riding gets rough we crack the cooler and suck down a few bottles of SeaPop. There's nothing better than that gingery brew to quiet a queasy sea dog. When there's mutiny in your midsection, or an uprising in your abdomen, this Admiral knows to rely on SeaPop to put down the rebellion.

Claypool has also crafted his own catchy, sea-styled jingle for the drink, which notes that if "a grumblin' in yer' belly you're becoming aware," you may want to grab yourself a SeaPop. You can give it a listen over on the SeaPop webite, which also contains a handy FAQ section with more details.

Sadly, for soda slurpers stuck on this side of the U.S./Canada divide, SeaPop is currently only selling in California.