Psychic Ills Deliver 'Hazed Dream'

Psychic Ills Deliver 'Hazed Dream'
New York-based psychedelic rockers Psychic Ills have announced their third no-doubt trippy record, titled Hazed Dream. The new album -- which follows 2009's Mirror Eye, an album we called " murky, obscure and very engaging" -- is their first for the Sacred Bones imprint.

A press release describes the disc as being made up of "11 psychedelically surging platters awash in warm tones, imbued with a tangible ease, and anchored by Tres Warren's eternally unruffled voice."

In a statement, Warren said, "The music came out the old fashioned way ... a way that had been avoided for a while. It was about putting some words to some chords and keeping it simple. Getting back to something. Feeling a feeling. Shaking out the NY brain boil. Movin' away from some old bad vibes, by creating some new good ones. Dreaming out the bad. Takin' it easy on ourselves, and those around us. This album lives in a sunny place. A half memory. A hazed dream."

Recorded by Mitch Rackin (Gang Gang Dance, Black Dice) at Brooklyn's Seaside Lounge, the album hypnotizes via "loping bass and fuzzed-up guitar" ("Same Old Song"), bluesy harmonica solos ("Mexican Wedding") and organ-driven sambas ("Midnight Moon"). You can download and/or stream the late-night rambler "Mind Daze" below, where you'll also find a teaser video for the album.

Hazed Dream comes out October 18 on Sacred Bones.

Hazed Dream:

1. "Midnight Moon"
 2. "Mind Daze"
 3. "Incense Head"
 4. "Mexican Wedding"
 5. "That's Alright"
 6. "Ring Finger"
 7. "Travelin' Man"
 8. "Sungaze"
 9. "Dream Repetiton"
 10. "I'll Follow You Through the Floor"
 11. "Same Old Song"

Psychic Ills - Mind Daze by sacredbones