Purity Ring The Marquee, Halifax, NS, October 18

Purity Ring The Marquee, Halifax, NS, October 18
There's a lot of love going around for Edmonton-cum-Montreal duo Purity Ring. After a night of ambient dance pop, it was refreshing to hear the band's complex, sometimes aggressive beats.

Purity Ring know how to put on an impressive show. Corin Roddick, who played a custom-built light-up drum machine, and Megan James, who was on vocals while waving a bare lightbulb around her head and intermittently banging on her own lit-up drum, took post-modern musical performance to the next level.

At one point during the set, James thanked the crowd for coming and said apologetically, "We have only three songs left," which was actually great news because it seemed as though there could have been time for only one more.

The only detriment to what was otherwise a solid performance was that the sound was distractingly muddy; James's vocals were buried in the mix and the bass was distorted.

But there was a terrific energy in the crowd despite this, and it was the energy, on and off the stage, that made the show.

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