R. Kelly Allegedly Attacked by Fellow Prison Inmate

R. Kelly Allegedly Attacked by Fellow Prison Inmate
After failing to get an early prison release over coronavirus fears, imprisoned and disgraced R&B singer R. Kelly has now apparently suffered an attack from a fellow inmate inside the Chicago facility where he has been held since last summer.

TMZ reports that an unnamed attacker went on the offensive when the Metropolitan Correctional Center in Chicago was forced to go on lockdown because of a hoard of Kelly's protestors outside the prison.

The attacker allegedly approached Kelly, who was sitting on his bed inside his cell, and proceeded to hit and punch him. According to prison sources, the fight didn't last long. 

While the Federal Bureau of Prisons refused to comment on Kelly's condition, TMZ reports that the singer walked away without any serious injuries. His attorney, Steven Greenberg, also refused to comment on the attack, but stated that Kelly has been a "model inmate" during his incarceration. 

R. Kelly will remain in the Chicago correctional centre while he awaits trial for his numerous charges related to his history of alleged sexual misconduct. Kelly has denied all allegations against him so far.