Rammstein's Till Lindemann Goes Solo for 'Skills in Pills'

Rammstein's Till Lindemann Goes Solo for 'Skills in Pills'
Du hast to give them credit — industrial rockers Rammstein have built an impressive career in English speaking countries despite always singing in German. Now, however, frontman Till Lindemann will go one step further and embrace our language with a new solo album.

The release is called Skills in Pills, and sees the frontman working under his last name. It marks his first solo album, though he's not working entirely alone as he's joined by producer and performer Peter Tägtgren (Pain, Hypocrisy).

A press release promises that the album "combines the Rammstein singer's often hilarious, sometimes utterly filthy lyrics with Tägtgren's super-modern studio skills and instrumentation, resulting in the twisted product of two uniquely creative minds."

The album will arrive on June 23 via Warner Bros. Records. It'll be available in a standard edition, along with a variety of fancy special editions. There's a Blu-ray version with a fancy booklet, a 12-inch LP with a 28-page booklet and, for the extreme Lindemann heads, a "super deluxe" edition that comes with an 80-page coffee table book. All special editions include the bonus song "That's My Heart."

Watch the trailer for Skills in Pills below.

Skills in Pills:

1. Skills In Pills
2. Ladyboy
3. Fat
4. Fish On
5. Children Of The Sun
6. Home Sweet Home
7. Cowboy
8. Golden Shower
9. Yukon
10. Praise Abort
11. That's My Heart *

* bonus track