Rick Ross Urges Fans to Avoid Coronavirus "Fungus" in Confusing PSA

Rick Ross Urges Fans to Avoid Coronavirus 'Fungus' in Confusing PSA
Photo: Bob Metelus
As the coronavirus continues to dominate the news cycle and affect everyone's daily lives, the celebrities continue to get involved. And celebrities are not exactly medical experts. Case in point — Rick Ross, who seems to think it's a fungus.

In a new PSA for fans, Ross demanded fans socially isolate as COVID-19 rapidly spreads throughout the world. That's great advice, but his understanding of the illness ends there. After all, he referred to it as a "fungus" multiple times.

"So once again, the question of the day is 'do you care?'" he asked. "'Cause if you care, you'll stay in the house if you can. Know why? Nah, they ain't trying to control you. They wanna make sure you don't bring that fungus to the family. The fungus is among us."

Ross contineud: "Don't take it to grandma. Don't take it to ya momma. I know you hugging them n*ggas down there to show 'em you real. 'I can't get the fungus!' So, you hugging n*ggas. Y'all throwing the parties at home. Y'all rolling up another n*gga's blunt. Hitting blunts and backwoods. I know but don't take it to mom and them. Do you have compassion?"

Honestly, even if it's technically incorrect, if Rick Ross saying "the fungus is among us" is enough to get you to stay inside then we're all for it.