Toronto Psych Rocker ROY Says "I'm Not Afraid" in New Single

The track is from his upcoming 'Roy's Garage' album
Toronto Psych Rocker ROY Says 'I'm Not Afraid' in New Single
Last year, psych rocker ROY took listeners on a journey through PEACE LOVE AND OUTER SPACE. Now, the trippy alter-ego of Toronto's Patrick Lefler has set his sights on more earthly pastures — follow-up album Roy's Garage is due for release on May 14 via Idée Fixe Records, and new single "I'm Not Afraid" is out today.

The new tune is a Doors-esque slab of upbeat rock, driven by acoustic guitar strums accented by electric riffs and harmonica wails. Lefler sings in a sturdy baritone, "Can't you see what's inside of me? Pure energy taking over me, I'm not afraid," and it's hard not to believe him.

The track follows lead single "Where Did My Mind Go?" Listen to "I'm Not Afraid" below and keep scrolling for more information on Roy's Garage.

Roy's Garage:

1. In the Garden Defeated
2. All the Time
3. Nowhere to Run
4. I'm Not Afraid
5. Time to Love Myself
6. Power of Three
7. Let Me Tell Ya
8. When the Man Wants You To
9. Where Did My Mind Go?
10. Where the Mind Meets the Eye
11. Find the Light
12. Universal Truth
13. As Long as You're Feeling

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