​Sandro Perri Premieres New Song "Wrong About the Rain"

It appears on the Toronto artist's upcoming album 'Soft Landing'
​Sandro Perri Premieres New Song 'Wrong About the Rain'
Experimental Toronto musician Sandro Perri has unveiled a new track called "Wrong About the Rain."
It appears on his upcoming album, Soft Landing, which marks the follow-up to In Another Life less than a year after its release.
"A person dear to me said, 'I guess we were wrong about the rain.' Thus was born the song," Perri tells Exclaim! "The melody, chords, arrangement and tone have all gone through drastic changes since it was written. A lot of different versions exist. One possible meaning of the lyric could be this: you can ignore the forecast today and just go to the beach, it may not turn out to be a problem."
Listen to the final recorded version of "Wrong About the Rain" below.
Soft Landing is due out September 6 via Constellation Records.