Secret Cutter Quantum Eraser

Secret Cutter Quantum Eraser
Bethlehem, PA-based sludge/grind trio Secret Cutter return with their highly anticipated sophomore LP,  Quantum Eraser. Following their 2014 self-titled effort, the band continue on their path of anxiety-inducing abrasive intensity carried out through unorthodox songwriting. Yet the offering is tighter and more focussed than their previous material, showcasing their growth over the past four years.
Quantum Eraser features 11 tracks that combine the crusty, visceral aggression of grind with the harsh heaviness of sludge. The aptly titled "Introduction" starts the release with pulverizing drums and dense rhythms, as well as raw, screeching vocals. It leads into "Trampled by Light," which only increases the intensity as it switches seamlessly from doomy, groove-filled riffs to blistering chaos and sharp, piercing shrieks.
There's a distinct fierceness to Secret Cutter's sound, which they manage to achieve as just a three-piece. Even without a bass player, they're never lacking in diversity of tone, which is impressive to say the least. Their sound is always massive and caustic, especially on "Vow of Obedience," as well as closer "Oblivion," which is arguably the album's heaviest track.
However, there's more to their sound than just crushing tones; "Transient" and "Mantis" in particular feature odd time changes and angular guitar work. It's this type of unique songwriting and unpredictable structures that provide more depth to Quantum Eraser, making it a challenging and memorable listen. (Deathwish Inc.)