shy kids "Terminally in Love with You" (ft. Choir! Choir! Choir!) (live video)

shy kids 'Terminally in Love with You' (ft. Choir! Choir! Choir!) (live video)
Toronto band shy kids are preparing to promote their new album Lofty! with a so-called "Lolli-Pop Up Show" at Toronto's 8-11 Gallery on October 29. For a taste of what the band are like live, Exclaim! is premiering a performance clip for shy kids' song "Terminally in Love with You."

The video consists of three continuous shots, which offer fly-on-the-wall footage of the band performing the melancholic piano ballad. It was filmed at Ebeneezer United Church and features Choir! Choir! Choir!; this choral ensemble punctuate the arrangement with booming group vocals. As the arrangement otherwise consists almost entirely of waltzing piano, the effect of the vocal dynamics is striking.

Interestingly, the album version of the song was recorded at Broken Social Scene member Brendan Canning's house. Check out the premiere of the live version below.

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