Sientific American Saints of Infinity/Simulated D.I.Y.

By the sounds of it, Andrew Rohrmann's faith in the endless wonder of the brave new world offered by space exploration is unshaken. While yet another space shuttle launch is met by a collective yawn from the general populace these days - unless, of course, it blows up - Rohrmann still marvels at the prospect and punctuates his jazzy ambient recordings with random bursts of Mission Control speak. He's never stopped considering outer space - the majestic open space and its untold secrets. Collected for the first time on CD, Rohrmann's previously-released twelve-inches recorded during the past two years merge to create two long-form ambient opuses that fill this two disc set. Disc 1's "Saints of Infinity," a nine part symphony of floating in space, hangs together better; however, the addition of live bass and drums helps give Rohrmann's breakbeat swing, Disc 2's "Simulated D.I.Y." some real teeth. It might not be groundbreaking or earth-shattering, but as is the case with his deep space gaze, Rohrmann's celebrating some musical forms that had been overlooked lately. (Slabco)