Sjamsoedin The Great Hall, Toronto ON, September 28

Sjamsoedin The Great Hall, Toronto ON, September 28
Photo: Shane Parent
The audience was pretty thinned out by the time Amsterdam DJ Sjam Sjamsoedin took the stage for a late-night set on FORMS' main stage, but tending to some samplers and a heavy case of modular gear, he persevered.
Piercing through the late Wednesday (September 28) hush with some high frequencies, pretty soon he introduced a clap track and stirred the loose, chattering crowd to a throbbing, kinetic bustle. With all its wobbly stretches, fluttering arpeggios and warm tone washes, this was a set of deep, heady rug-cutting techno for all the sleepless seekers in attendance.

While most of FORMS' music programming tends toward the outwardly experimental, this set emphasized its experiential side, tapping into its urbanist preference for space-activating instead and thriving on audience interaction — even if the set itself was woefully underattended.